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2030-03-18 02:31 am
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How's My Driving?

Pretty self-explainetory, yeah? Let me know how you think I'm doing or where there could be room for improvement in how I portray Terra.
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2016-02-13 12:01 am

AU Information - Outline (WIP)

- The end result of the battle at the end of the Final Episode is not Xehanort sealing away Terra's heart, but Terra sealing away 'both' of their hearts. Terra's last conscious memory of Aqua is of her falling into the Realm of Darkness as his possessed self is carried up.
- The amnesia that Terra-Xehanort has upon waking after the fight is real, with Terra's heart having more influence on the growing heart and personality of the new personality.
- Due to Terra's influence on the new personality, Braig's progression as one of the thirteen vessels of Xehanort is sped up. By the time Radiant Garden falls, he is at least half Xehanort.
- Upon the loss of his heart, there are two 'seeds' left behind in Xemnas - one for Xehanort's heart, and one for Terra's.
- Sora uses the Keyblade of People's Hearts to free Kairi's heart, creating Roxas and Naminè. When Xemnas finds and recruits Roxas, he 'feels' a pang where his heart would be and finds the boy to be strangely familiar-looking. He winds up taking a more active interest in the thirteenth member, though he tries to be subtle about it.
- There is an increased amount of time spent in the Chamber of Repose, where Aqua's armor is stored. Here, the fragments of Terra strengthen and are able to slowly cut away at the pieces of Xehanort taking root in the slowly growing Heart of the Nobody.
- Around three-quarters of the way through the events of 358/2 Days, Xemnas 'loses his patience' over the lack of progress regarding finding the chamber hidden away in Castle Oblivion that he knows is there and goes to the castle to look for it himself. He essentially lets himself get lost in the castle and finds his way to the Chamber of Awakening, where Ven still sleeps.
- Seeing the sleeping Ven gives Xemnas one of those memory migraines, and he actually remembers something for once, instead of being left with vague impressions- the memory of when Terra and Aqua first met Ven, and the memory that involved Terra giving his wooden Keyblade to Ven. From that, he gets not only his original name, but the names of the boy in front of him and the girl who had kept him from falling into the Realm of Darkness all those years ago.
- When Xemnas leaves Castle Oblivion, it's with three new goals in mind; discover how Ven and Sora are connected, find Aqua, and figure out how to wake Ven up, all while keeping up appearances within Organization XIII.
- The Terra fragments in Xemnas start to take over at an increased rate, at the cost of forsaking shards of Terra's memories. By half-way through Kingdom Hearts 2, Terra has merged with Xemnas to the point that it's hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. He begins sabotaging Organization XIII from the inside, and has Kairi kidnapped to give Sora and Riku concrete motive to wipe them all out.
- Near the end of Kingdom Hearts 2, the merger is complete, at the cost of most of Terra's memories and a very thorough knowledge of what Xehanort's plans/back-up plans entail.
- When Ansem the Wise tries to convert the false Kingdom Hearts into data with a machine built just for that task, Terra/Xemnas goes to investigate, and runs into the whole party. Instead of a villain speech, he delivers... something of an apology, along with a promise to end it once and for all.
- The encoder self-destructs, with Ansem the Wise and Terra/Xemnas taking the brunt of the blow. When the light/power of the explosion restores Riku to his proper appearance and drives out all trace of Xehanort from him, it does the same for Terra.
- When the party escapes, they take a still unconscious Terra with them. He wakes up in Yen Sid's tower just as the party leaves to take care of sealing Kingdom Hearts.
- When Mickey returns, he informs Yen Sid about something Sora told him about - a portal to the Keyblade Graveyard located within his own castle. Terra overhears this, and Yen Sid suggests that Mickey take Terra along, not expecting shenanigans to occur.
- Newsflash, shenanigans occur. Very painful shenanigans that a newly-restored, barely cognitive Terra really shouldn't have to deal with - like fighting his own Lingering Will.
- He still deals with it to the best of his ability - Mickey, you rock at healing - and his refusal to back down sparks some kind of recognition in the Lingering Will, making it back down.
- The Lingering Will sacrifices itself to partially restore Terra's mind and return Ends of the Earth to it's rightful owner. His armor reforms around his left arm on top of the coat. and Terra passes out after the fight.
- After waking up and resting for a few days, Terra tells Yen Sid that he's going looking for Aqua. After a few preparations and some brief good-byes, he uses a Corridor of Darkness to go to the Realm of Darkness to begin the search. He runs into trouble soon after arriving.
-Mid-way through battling the Hunter in the Dark (the Red-Eyed Heartless), Aqua intervenes and saves Terra. They retreat to the beach, where Ansem the Wise still is. All three of them soon return to the Realm of Light.
- Sora and Riku start their Mark of Mastery exam shortly before Terra and Aqua return to the tower.
-Terra escorts Aqua and Ansem to Radiant Garden - Ansem, to rest somewhere safe and recover his memory, and Aqua to recover her armor.
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2014-08-09 05:24 pm
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IC Mailbox - Rekindle

This is Terra. Leave a message, and I'll get back to you.

[ text ] | [ audio ] | [ video ] | [ voicemail ] | [ physical ] | [ other ]

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2012-09-18 08:05 pm
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D-Link Permissions

Terra has in his possession a special charm made for him by one of his best friends and fellow apprentice of Master Eraqus. This charm was given to him on the night before the Mark of Mastery exam, and Terra has carried it with him ever since. This charm, known as a Wayfinder, has powerful magic weaved into it's construction, connecting the Hearts of the three Keybearers together in an unbreakable bond. This charm could also be used to draw strength from those bonds, as well as the bonds that each of the three Keybearers made over the course of their journey.

Anyone that Terra gets reasonably close to is capable of having a Dimension Link, or D-Link forged with them. A D-Link is essentially a form of bond that connects Terra and the heart of someone that has a strong enough Heart to form the bond. This bond allows Terra to draw on the strength of the other person, amplifying his own power with a portion of their own. If I feel that Terra seems to have gotten to trust you at a level suitable enough for the initial bond to form, then I'll look to contact you to see about forming a D-Link.If we've established that a D-Link between Terra and your character has been formed, please fill out this handy little form (courtesy of [personal profile] twilitfall):

Examples below:

Forged a D-Link with Ventus.
Emblems: (0)
Abilities: Quick Blitz, Strike Raid, Aero
Finisher: Finish - A seven-hit combo that ends with a jumping attack. Each hit deals 200% damage.

Forged a D-Link with Aqua.
Emblems: (2)
  • Emblem 1 Ability: Magic Deflector - 50% chance to negate all damage dealt by Fire-, Blizzard-, Thunder-, or Dark-type spells and attacks.
  • Emblem 2 Ability: Auto-Life - When HP is reduced to 0, revives with 25% of max HP. This can only occur once per D-Link.
Abilities: Blizzara, Fire, Thundara, Mine Square, Blizzara, Magnera, Fire Strike, Cura
Finisher: Magic Volley - A midair attack that fires three magical orbs that deal 200% damage. Can add up to three additional orbs that deal 400% damage when timed right.

All D-Links start out with no emblems, and grow in strength as experience is gained and battles are fought. Each 'emblem' represents another stage of growth in the bond, with the max number being two, signifying a very strong, nigh-unbreakable bond.
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2011-12-05 01:53 am
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Permissions Post, Heart Sensing

What is Darkness, and what does this mean for me?

A good question! Darkness happens to be one of the two essential building blocks of the Kingdom Hearts universe. It gets brought up a lot as being a very bad thing, but this is a misconception. Darkness, like Light, is not inherently evil, and is necessary to maintain the balance of the multiverse at large. It's just that Darkness tends to get used by people that aren't too terribly careful with it and wind up consumed by it, and as such? Has gained a reputation as being a very dangerous power to use. It's very nature is such that unless you are careful and have a strong will, a stronger Heart, and a powerful moral fiber, it will draw on the more negative aspects of your personality until you have given over to them entirely.

So... why did I need to know this?

Another good question. The answer is simple; Terra here is capable of sensing the balance of Light and Darkness within a person's Heart. As stated in his application, while he isn't as good at this as his teacher, Eraqus, or his fellow student, Aqua, Terra can, with some focus, determine how much Light and Darkness lies within a person's heart as well as determine whether the Darkness he is sensing is malignant or not. This is primarily a passive skill.

Which brings us to the actual permissions part of this post.
  • Can Terra sense the Light and Darkness within your character's Heart? If yes, then--
  • On a scale of 0 to 10 (with zero being absolutely free of darkness, and ten being completely free of any light), about how much Darkness does your character have in their Heart? Note that aside from some very rare cases, having a score of zero or ten will be nearly impossible.

For your convenience, a handy text area!