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Terra has in his possession a special charm made for him by one of his best friends and fellow apprentice of Master Eraqus. This charm was given to him on the night before the Mark of Mastery exam, and Terra has carried it with him ever since. This charm, known as a Wayfinder, has powerful magic weaved into it's construction, connecting the Hearts of the three Keybearers together in an unbreakable bond. This charm could also be used to draw strength from those bonds, as well as the bonds that each of the three Keybearers made over the course of their journey.

Anyone that Terra gets reasonably close to is capable of having a Dimension Link, or D-Link forged with them. A D-Link is essentially a form of bond that connects Terra and the heart of someone that has a strong enough Heart to form the bond. This bond allows Terra to draw on the strength of the other person, amplifying his own power with a portion of their own. If I feel that Terra seems to have gotten to trust you at a level suitable enough for the initial bond to form, then I'll look to contact you to see about forming a D-Link.If we've established that a D-Link between Terra and your character has been formed, please fill out this handy little form (courtesy of [personal profile] twilitfall):

Examples below:

Forged a D-Link with Ventus.
Emblems: (0)
Abilities: Quick Blitz, Strike Raid, Aero
Finisher: Finish - A seven-hit combo that ends with a jumping attack. Each hit deals 200% damage.

Forged a D-Link with Aqua.
Emblems: (2)
  • Emblem 1 Ability: Magic Deflector - 50% chance to negate all damage dealt by Fire-, Blizzard-, Thunder-, or Dark-type spells and attacks.
  • Emblem 2 Ability: Auto-Life - When HP is reduced to 0, revives with 25% of max HP. This can only occur once per D-Link.
Abilities: Blizzara, Fire, Thundara, Mine Square, Blizzara, Magnera, Fire Strike, Cura
Finisher: Magic Volley - A midair attack that fires three magical orbs that deal 200% damage. Can add up to three additional orbs that deal 400% damage when timed right.

All D-Links start out with no emblems, and grow in strength as experience is gained and battles are fought. Each 'emblem' represents another stage of growth in the bond, with the max number being two, signifying a very strong, nigh-unbreakable bond.

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