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What is Darkness, and what does this mean for me?

A good question! Darkness happens to be one of the two essential building blocks of the Kingdom Hearts universe. It gets brought up a lot as being a very bad thing, but this is a misconception. Darkness, like Light, is not inherently evil, and is necessary to maintain the balance of the multiverse at large. It's just that Darkness tends to get used by people that aren't too terribly careful with it and wind up consumed by it, and as such? Has gained a reputation as being a very dangerous power to use. It's very nature is such that unless you are careful and have a strong will, a stronger Heart, and a powerful moral fiber, it will draw on the more negative aspects of your personality until you have given over to them entirely.

So... why did I need to know this?

Another good question. The answer is simple; Terra here is capable of sensing the balance of Light and Darkness within a person's Heart. As stated in his application, while he isn't as good at this as his teacher, Eraqus, or his fellow student, Aqua, Terra can, with some focus, determine how much Light and Darkness lies within a person's heart as well as determine whether the Darkness he is sensing is malignant or not. This is primarily a passive skill.

Which brings us to the actual permissions part of this post.
  • Can Terra sense the Light and Darkness within your character's Heart? If yes, then--
  • On a scale of 0 to 10 (with zero being absolutely free of darkness, and ten being completely free of any light), about how much Darkness does your character have in their Heart? Note that aside from some very rare cases, having a score of zero or ten will be nearly impossible.

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